10005950_505165012960051_8443186330730954669_oMy name is Karen Plum and I started a photography business to enable me to pursue my passion! I’ve taken photographs for as long as I can remember – my Dad bought my first camera when I was 7. Since then, I always have a camera with me and friends, relatives and colleagues have long told me that I “should do this for a living”.

It is easy to take photographs of family and friends because you love them and want them to look fabulous, to capture their essence and to provide valuable memories of wonderful occasions. So my work extends to portraits (human and animal!), special family occasions,  landscapes, wildlife and the fabulously colourful and amazing world of plant-life.

I really enjoy taking portraits (at formal or informal family or business occasions) and capturing the essence of pets for the enjoyment of their owners and breeders.

I find people and pets fabulous to photograph because both can be unpredictable, nervous, reluctant and often dislike having their picture taken! The joy for me is not just to turn up and expect to snap away, but to make friends, to connect and to bond with those that I am photographing. I want to understand what would make the results pleasing to them, and only then can I secure the trust that enables me to capture their essence and produce results that they will treasure.

My husband Neil Harrison takes care of the technical aspects of the business, manages my website, critiques my work and challenges me to be the best I can be. We are a great team.